Vision Benefits With Lutein and Zeaxanthin


Lutein and Zeaxanthin supplements provide the strongest protection against cataracts and macular degeneration as many studies have shown. They are powerful antioxidant substances that prevent free radicals from moving around the eyes and also prevent damage from the sun (a process called oxidative stress). Without having these supplements, many of the elderly may end up with the disease of the eyes and macular degeneration. These supplements are produced from the family of carotenoid, which is responsible for the pigmentation or color in fruits, vegeIVL Vision Cleartables and some plants.

Zeaxanthin is responsible for increasing protection of the eye's macular region and lutein takes care of the retina. These parts of the eye are very delicate and if oxidation is allowed, then the patient will be at the risk of going blind or limiting their field of vision.results will vary

When buying any nutritional supplement, research on how it was produced and by what manufacturer. The best solution is to look for zeaxanthin and lutein supplements that have been researched and developed by scientists or doctors. One of the tricks of some manufacturers use to deceive customers and hope they won't find out is in the difference between mg and mcg.

If you are searching for 6mg of zeaxanthin supplement, make sure that the manufacturers are not going to sell you a supplement that contains 6mcg as this amount would not give you any protection or benefit at all.

There are lots of multivitamin supplements in the market. However avoid the pitfall mentioned earlier as you are only getting a supplement with just one ingredient or enough of the main ingredients to be beneficial.

Ensure that your next purchase of zeaxanthin and lutein supplements will contain ingredients of other compound such as bilberry extract and that all the ingredients will work in synergy.

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