13-Year Study Reveals The Dangerous Downside Of Calcium Consumption


Calcium Dangers

The Calcium Lie II book by Dr. Robert Thompson.

For decades, people have been lead to believe many myths about calcium consumption, and how regular intake of calcium tablets can improve a persons health. The worst part of this misconception is that it is spread by reputed doctors all over the world on a daily basis!!! What does calcium actually does to your body? And how can we obtain the health benefits we ‘hoped’ to have through the calcium intake? Read the article and you will find the answer.results will vary

First, let's have a proper evaluation on health hazards that unnecessary calcium consumption can drag us into. Multi-national companies that produce calcium pills and formulas, together with the media have carried out a thorough brainwash for years making people believe that if they do not take calcium more and more, they will have to face many unfortunate situations like bone fracture, osteoporosis, heart disease etc. But did you know that these are merely a handful of health issues that can arise as a result of a high calcium intake? Well, do not be surprised or irritates; this is the secret you did not know for years. The bestselling The Calcium Lie II book written by Dr. Thompson has taken the world in surprise ever since it released. Each page of this book contains knowledge created based on 13-years of ardent researches carried out in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.

What does exactly The Calcium Lie II contain? Simply, this is a wealth of knowledge written in simple English, so that everyone like you and me without an in-depth knowledge of medicine could understand. The book features many interesting chapters that speak on topics such as how calcium blocks your body's ability to absorb vitamins, five types of hypothyroidism, relationship between calcium and infant health, 10 modern day health threats linked to excess calcium intake etc. Though the book’s main focus in on exposing calcium relate myths it does not limit its’ scope to it. You will also find out about many other weird and interesting news such as, which water filters put glue in your drinking water, why vegetarians get more gas than meat eaters, which multivitamins act like drugs, what works better than fish oil for losing weight and many more. 

How much does this life changing book cost you? NOTHING! Yes, it is totally free of charge! Challenge the common myths told over and over for generations. The healthy and happy life you intent to lead is just a click away! Click here to claim your free copy.

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