The Benefits of Far Infrared Heating Pads


Far Infrared Heating with Jade

When it comes to treatment of injuries and achy, sore muscles, nothing is more important that finding effective and fast relief. A variety of items on the market promise healing- with or without the use of drugs- but many fall short of expectations. Instead of trying the same tired methods that aren't working find different approaches.

One of the most popular and time-tested methods of pain relief involves heat application. Almost every household has one of those generic heating pads that plug into the wall and heat up for application to sore areas and injuries. Unfortunately, this trusted technology often fails due to numerous design flaws that keep products cheap but not necessarily maximally effective. Short electrical cords, uneven heating, and lack of heat penetration often lead to quick rejection or replacement of heating pads.

Fortunately, new technology is aiming to make heat treatment easier and more effective. The secret lies in the use of far infrared technology that penetrates deeper to improve circulation and maintain lasting relief after treatment has ended. Far infrared rays are offered through sunlight, but they are much different from the infamous UV rays that cause skin cancers and early aging.  In fact, medical trials have demonstrated positive results in groups of patients who were dependent upon medications and long periods of rest before far infrared technology made it on the scene.Jade Stone Heating Pad

The DeepHeat Collection of heating pads offers an opportunity to bring this emerging technology into the home health sector. Featuring a list of improvements that make it instantly more effective than traditional heating pads, the DeepHeat series features up to twenty times the heat penetration, remains effective for hours after use, and makes targeting problem areas easier than ever. Rows of polished jade, germanium, and tourmaline stones are used to generate far infrared heat instead of the simple heating coils found in traditional heating pads.

Deeper penetration means increased relief from the heat and a better feeling during use, but it also means an improvement in circulation and healing. Improved circulation allows more oxygen and healing nutrients to reach the injury site and sweeps away impurities left over from the healing process. The increased circulation is also what allows relief to linger up to six hours after treatment. Instead of just applying a bandage to the symptoms, the DeepHeat technology actually aids in real healing.

In addition to improved heating mechanisms, the DeepHeat pads also offer improvements in design that work together to offer even more relief. Adjustable straps, comfort areas designed to relieve pressure when laying on the pad, and contoured designs allow the healing heat to get to where its needed most. Muscle knots and tough-to-reach pains melt away as the pad delivers relief directly without losing heat or heating unevenly. The pad also stays warm after heating up to allow use without being tethered to an outlet and can be placed in the freezer to double as a cold pack.results will vary

Some say far infrared heating is the technology of the future. With durable, stay-in-place fabrics, safety features to prevent overheating and retain comfort, waterproofing layers and luxury features such as car outlet compatibility offer home relief on a whole new level. Sufferers of common ailments such as back pain, fibromyalgia, stress, and strain injuries can finally achieve lasting, healing results at home without the use of medications and invasive medical procedures.

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