Doctors Do Not have all the Answers to Arthritis


Doctors Do Not have all the Answers to Arthritis

Arthritis is a joint disorder involving the inflammation of one or more joints. It has over a hundred forms of the disease with the most common form being osteoarthritis. Arthritis is commonly caused by trauma to the joint, infection, auto-immune disorders, poor diet or aging.

The signs and symptoms associated with arthritic conditions vary. There are common symptoms to every arthritis disorders including joint stiffness; swelling, varied levels of pain, and sometimes aches around the joints. The effects of arthritis are overwhelming. Besides causing great pain, decreasing mobility; arthritis can also be a cause of economic loss from medical dollars spent on the prevention or treatment of arthritis.

Arthritis is diagnosed medically after series of medical examination by appropriate health care professionals. Blood test and radiology are sometimes utilized to ascertain the type of arthritis.

Medical practitioners should not be praised in finding a lasting solution; since doctors have not been able to effectively tackle the problem of arthritis despite the millions of dollars spent annually while not resolving the condition.

Doctors are working round the clock to ensure a better world for us all, but they do call it doctors “practicing” for a reason. These guys are not superheroes and should not be treated as such. It is therefore advised that arthritic patients try more holistic and natural therapies. Do your own research and learn more about how you can help yourself.  More medical practitioners should encourage these methods! You may consider visiting an integrative holistic physician for holistic options. They can monitor your blood levels of supplements and vitamins to ensure you are taking accurate doses.

From personal experience, most doctors try to mask the issue rather than treating the root cause. Doctors are less interested in suggesting alternative methods and seem to prefer getting you to continue with dangerous methods that don’t help the underlining condition, but help the doctors’ pocketbook by having you come back over and over again.results will vary

Whether clouded by professionalism or some other reasons, doctors have continued to fail in tackling the scourge of arthritis. There are other natural ways available to address the issue or minimize the effects of arthritis. These natural therapies are becoming more popular and are even better compared to the medical treatment of arthritis.

Side effects of medication prescribed by doctors as treatment for arthritis are at greater risk of doing more damage than ultimately then helping. Natural supplements are less invasive and tend to help the underlining cause of the inflammation verses just masking the pain. For example, Heal-n-Soothe has all-natural ingredients based on natural herbs that have been studied and shown to have great results in reducing inflammation without nasty side effects.

A well balanced diet is crucial in providing the necessary nutrition for optimal health. Weight loss is a more natural way of tackling the problems of arthritis allowing less pressure on the joints.  Also excessive sugar and possible gluten sensitivity aggravates inflammation.

The role of our diet should not be under estimated when we talk of arthritis. A good dietary habit is essentially the most important therapy for arthritis. The right omega fatty acids should be included as well as turmeric. This is so, due to the chemical components of these foods.

Getting regular exercise can also help in the course of arthritis relief. This helps by increasing the flexibility of the joints, for example, light exercises such as swimming or water aerobics.

Hot and cold therapy can make a lot of difference when it comes to arthritis pain. Long and warm showers in the mornings will help ease the stiffness in the joints. Cold treatments are a good pain relief method depending on the type of arthritis you have.

Meditation, acupuncture, and herbal supplements are other holistic forms of therapies that could help relieve the pain naturally.

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